Home Automation

An ever increasing number of devices are being connected to the Internet via your home network. Security systems, video surveillance, pet feeders, appliances, window shades, this list is growing every day. With our home automation solutions you will have control and monitoring capabilities at your fingertips, via your computer or smart device. Imagine the peace of mind that will result from such data, helping to protect your loved ones and your property investment.

Would you like to be alerted to a sump pump malfunction while you are travelling?

A gas leak or an individual trespassing through your yard?

Sensors are available to monitor the status of your home while you are away and more sensors are being created at a quickening pace. Leave your home and return with it in the same condition as you left it in and with additional services, such as pre-qualified repair or contractor services, you might even return home to an improved version with the click of a button.

Our home theater solutions are ready to be integrated into such a system as well. This will give you access to information in real-time and provide you the power to make environmental changes at a moments notice.

When your doorbell rings, why not have your fully integrated system pause your favorite movie and display the front door camera automatically on your home theater system and allow you to interact with whomever is on your doorstep?